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Phillips 66 Grants Pacific New Safety Fence!

Phillips 66 is working in and around the Pacific area to replace an aging pipeline. Their presence in our area, and...
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Phillips 66 is working in and around the Pacific area to replace an aging pipeline. Their presence in our area, and many other areas from Fenton to Villa Ridge, has led to local outreach that supports the communities where their employees live and work! Since 2012, they've volunteered over 592,000 hours, and contributed $250 million through grants and gifts. When the Pacific Partnership identified needs for our area, they stepped up to help us make a difference!

Pacific Partnership took notice of a safety issue that comes with event goers crossing the railroad tracks as they go to and from the many Pacific community events that take place downtown and at the Pacific Station Plaza. This was a problem that needed addressing as soon as possible, as the summer brings many community events with lots of traffic.

Phillips 66 granted us $25,000 to put in 1600+ feet of four feet high, black, chain link fencing. We also were able to secure an additional $1,000 from the City of Pacific to add to the project. With a total of $26k, local J&J fencing was able to successfully put in enough fencing to make the downtown area secure for upcoming events. The fence covers the commuter lots North, West, and South side, as well as the North border of the Pacific Station Plaza lot.

This fence has created a safer environment community, and children to play on the grassy lawn at the plaza without fear for their safety near the railroad tracks.  Pacific Partnership Executive Director notes "This project was identified by the Partnership as a high priority community improvement need. I am thrilled we were able to complete this grant project, which is a direct testament of our organization's mission to improve downtown Pacific! Consider donating to our cause, so we can plan new improvements like this one!

Also check out Phillips 66's local website to learn more about what they are doing for communities throughout Missouri!

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